About Us

Here at UK Shipping History we believe that preserving the history of great naval ships and battles past is very important. Thats why we work hard to preserve a record for future generations. We do this in conjunction with several partners such as the National Maritime Museum, the Royal Naval Museum and the UK Business Incubation (UKBI).


The Royal Navy is currently deployed in many areas of the world, including a number of standing Royal Navy deployments. These include several home tasks as well as overseas deployments. The Royal Navy is deployed in the Mediterranean as part of standing NATO deployments including mine countermeasures and NATO Maritime Group 2 and also has the Royal Navy Cyprus Squadron. In both the North and South Atlantic Royal Naval vessels are patrolling. There is always a Falkland Islands Patrol Vessel on deployment, currently the new vessel HMS Clyde. The Royal Navy is also deployed in the Middle East to provide "maritime security and surveillance in the Northern Persian Gulf"