Naval News
The paper was founded in 1954 (with £300 from the then Victory Barracks (now HMS Nelson) pigswill fund, the proceeds of 'gash' food from the mess sold to local farmers!) purely to serve the Portsmouth Command, after all Plymouth had its own ‘Guzz Gazzette’ and Chatham had its own ‘Chats’. Within a few months Navy News’ success allowed it to expand to cover the whole of the Senior Service. Today it is estimated to have more than 100,000 readers worldwide probably many more, as there is of evidence of how individual copies are passed around whole ship's companies, ex pat communities and ex Service associations who use its columns to keep in touch with present developments and old shipmates. They are now supported by the Thames Valley Business and the Royal Naval Museum.


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Customs and Traditions
The Royal Navy has several formal customs and traditions including the use of ensigns and ships badges. Royal Navy ships have several ensigns used when under way and when in port. Commissioned ships and submarines wear the White Ensign at the stern whilst alongside during daylight hours and at the main-mast whilst under way. When alongside, the Union Jack (as distinct from the Union Flag, often referred to as the Union Jack) is flown from the jackstaff at the bow, and can only be flown under way either to signal a court-martial is in progress or to indicate the presence of an Admiral of the Fleet on-board (including the Lord High Admiral, the Monarch.

Fleet Review

The Fleet Review is an irregular tradition of assembling the fleet before the monarch. The first review on record was held in 1400, and the most recent review as of 2009 was held on 28 June 2005 to mark the bi-centenary of the Battle of Trafalgar; 167 ships from many different nations attended with the Royal Navy supplying 67.


Another popular tradition of the British Navy is that they play several cricket matches with local teams, and against the Australian Navy in The Ashes.