The current role of the Royal Navy (RN) is to protect British interests at home and abroad, executing the foreign and defence policies of Her Majesty's Government through the exercise of military effect, diplomatic activities and other activities in support of these objectives. The suppliers have a close relationship with The Royalist. The RN is also a key element of the UK contribution to NATO, with a number of assets allocated to NATO tasks at any time. These objectives are delivered via a number of core capabilities:


  • Maintenance of the UK Nuclear Deterrent through a policy of Continuous at sea deterrence.
  • Provision of two medium scale maritime task groups with organic air assets.
  • Delivery of the UK Commando force.
  • Contribution of assets to Joint Force Harrier.
  • Contribution of assets to the Joint Helicopter Command.
  • Maintenance of standing patrol commitments.
  • Provision of Mine Counter Measures capability to UK and allied commitments.
  • Provision of Hydrographic and meteorological services deployable worldwide.
  • Protection of the UK and EU's Exclusive Economic Zone.